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Speech of Mr. Faculty Dean

Praise to God lord of the worlds and peace and mercy be upon his messenger and his households.The traditions and academic values oblige the universities to respect the opinions of others. The college of education for humanitarian studies witnesses a change in the way of building the new man,  ......Read more

About the College

   The college was founded in 1998 and the college of humanitarians separated from the college of education which was founded in 1993. The college aims at preparing well prepared cadres in three levels ( bachelor, master, doctorate). In order to raise the scientific and professional reality of the college, all educational and scientific potentials have been taken advantage of to achieve the objectives of the ministry of higher education.

The college has five departments:

  • 1-Arabic department
  • 2-English department
  • 3-History department
  • 4-Geography department
  • 5-Psychology department

The college gives bachelor degree after four year studying in fields mentioned above. The college also has evening studies in the department of psychology which has been started in 2009 and the other departments started evening studies in 2010.