College Mission

  • 1-Preparing qualified teachers in the preparatory and secondary education that have the ability to teach humanitarian.
  • 2-Reinforce the potentials of graduates through higher studies( Ma. And PhD) besides providing consulting services and training sessions.
  • 3-Embower students to benefit from what they have beentaught in the years of studying.

College vision

The college of education for humanitarian studies in Babylon university seeks to be in line with other Iraqi, Arabian and international universities. The college prepare a well-educated and modern teachers that have the ability to make changes in the social and educational values of the community.

College values

  • 1-The college seeks to prepare well qualifies teachers in the fields of humanitarians.
  • 2-Preparing the teachers scientifically, educationally, and professionally to be able to do their jobs.
  • 3-Building the educational character for the teacher of the future.
  • 4-Providing students with the basic skills that gives them the educational cooperation.
  • 5-Helping students gain the values of teaching profession and help them peruse their higher studies.
  • 6-Improving the skills of spreading knowledge especially among students.
  • 7-Growing the skills and abilities of students by training them on the principles of scientific research.
  • 8-The continuous contact with the colleges of education in the country.